Thank you PASA!

The Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association, a California ASCA affiliate club, has continued its long history of support and generously donated $1500 to ASHGI.   Without generous individuals and clubs like PASA, ASHGI would not be able to continue its educational and research-support efforts.  We deeply appreciate the support we receive from the Aussie community and strive to provide the service you want and our dogs deserve.

 Please join PASA by donating to ASHGI!

Aussie Coat Color Website

Lisa McDonald’s “Field Guide to Australian Shepherd Coat Color” website has moved!

ASHGI has hosted this valuable breed resource for many years.  It is chock-full of coat color information not only on accepted colors but also the odd things that pop up from time to time.  It’s also got dozens of pictures to help you recognize different aspects of coat color.

Since ASHGI redesigned its site, Lisa’s site had to be moved to a  new address.  If you’ve used the site before, it’s here for you to visit again.  If you’ve never looked at the site – check it out!

Major Gift from Texas Agility Shootout

The Texas Agility Shootout is an annual charity agility match supporting canine cancer research.  ASHGI is proud to be one of the recipients of proceeds from the 2013 event.  We were recently presented with a check for $8204.64 which shall be used to support research grants for canine hemangiosarcoma and lymphoma.

These two almost uniformly lethal cancers are the most common seen in Australian Shepherds and as well as number of other breeds.  ASHGI has raised tens of thousands of dollars for research in these two cancers and we are grateful that the Texas Agility Shootout has chosen to recognize our efforts to support canine cancer research with their extremely generous gift.