ASHGI at the 2016 ASCA Nationals


Visit the ASHGI Booth
in the vendor area!

We’ll be at Nationals to share information on Aussie health and genetics and ASHGI programs as well as answer your questions or just chat.  Please drop by!


Clinic – For info click HERE.

Silent Auction for Epilepsy Research
Wednesday Sept. 14 9am – Thuraday Sept. 15 3pm

Leslie and Dick Sorensen have generously donated a framed, signed, and numbered print of Oregon-based cowboy artist Dyrk Godby’s “Countin’ ‘Em Out.” (Note the Aussie center front!)   We will offer the Sorensens’ gift to raise funds for epilepsy research.  The piece will be on view at the ASHGI booth.  Watch here and our Facebook page for further details!






Auction Rules – updated 8/24/16

Dates & Times

  1. Open at 9am on Wednesday September 14
  2. Close at 3pm on Thursday September 15

On-site bidding

  1. A clipboard will hold a form with spaces to write name, telephone number and bid amount
  2. Entries must be legible, including the phone number and amount or they will not be honored.
  3. Repeat bidders may put a check mark in the phone number column.
  4. Bids must exceed the prior bid by $5.

On-line bidding

  1. On line bidding will be available via ASHGI’s Facebook (FB) site on a dedicated event page.
  2. FB time stamps will be used as the time of bid.
  3. On-line bidders will be identified by their Facebook account.
  4. ASHGI will post the amount of the high bid at roughly hourly intervals while the booth is open until an 2:30pm Thursday.
  5. In the last half-hour we will update the Facebook page at roughly 5 minute intervals.
  6. On-line bids must exceed the most recent bid, whether on-line or live, by at least $5. On-line bidders should be aware that the actual high bid may have increased since the last posting.

Minimum Bid – at the donor’s request the minimum initial bid will be $300.

Winning bidder

  1. The winning bidder, whether live or on-line, will be the bidder with the highest bid at 3pm on Thursday Sept. 15 with the time to be determined by a staff member’s cell phone.
  2. ASHGI volunteers working on the auction after noon Thursday Sept. 15 are ineligible for bidding
  3. Failure to make timely payment (see Payment section below) will result in an otherwise winning bidder’s disqualification and the winner will be the next highest qualifying bid.
  4. If an on-site bidder leaves before being notified he/she has won, the on-line rules regarding shipping and payment apply.


  1. The winning bidder, if on-site, must claim the item no later than Noon Friday, Sept. 16.
  2. Bidders who are not on-site when the winner is determined are responsible for any and all shipping costs which must be paid prior to shipping.
  3. ASHGI will provide an estimate prior to finalizing the bidder’s winner status.
  4. If a winning on-line bidder wishes to designate an individual who is on-site to receive the item, ASHGI must be notified of that by 5pm, Thursday, September 15 and inform us of who that individual is. The designated individual will be required to produce legal identification and sign for the item.


  1. If the winning bidder is on-site, he/she must pay in cash or via ASHGI’s PayPal account.
  2. On-line bidders must pay via ASHGI’s PayPal account.
  3. PayPal payment must be received no later than midnight after the close of the auction.
  4. Failure to pay in a timely manner will disqualify the bidder.
  5. If the initial winner is disqualified, the next highest qualified bid will become winner and that person will have 24 hours after notice to make payment via ASHGI’s PayPal account.

Bidder disqualifications

  1. Illegible bid entries for on-site bids, including illegible phone numbers.
  2. On-site bids which do not exceed the most recent prior bid by at least $5.
  3. On-line bids that do not exceed the last posted bid by at least $5.
  4. Bidders who fail to pay in a timely manner (see payment rules.)