ASHGI at the 2017 ASCA Nationals


Visit the ASHGI Booth in the vendor area!
We’ll be at Nationals to share information on Aussie health and genetics and ASHGI programs as well as answer your questions or just chat.  Please drop by! Or volunteer if you have a couple hours!


The ASHGI board would like to thank Hill Country ASC for putting on a benefit raffle for us this year.  Their efforts will be very important to helping us meet our research support goals this year.  For information on donating gifts please contact raffle chair Lacey Kafer.

  Clinic – For info click HERE.

Aussie Coat Color Website

Lisa McDonald’s “Field Guide to Australian Shepherd Coat Color” website has moved!

ASHGI has hosted this valuable breed resource for many years.  It is chock-full of coat color information not only on accepted colors but also the odd things that pop up from time to time.  It’s also got dozens of pictures to help you recognize different aspects of coat color.

Since ASHGI redesigned its site, Lisa’s site had to be moved to a  new address.  If you’ve used the site before, it’s here for you to visit again.  If you’ve never looked at the site – check it out!

Here’s what ASHGI’s done for Aussies!

  • Provides the best Aussie health and genetics information source available.
  • Conducts surveys that inform the breed community and attract research.
  • Raised over $180,000 for epilepsy, cancer, and cataract research.
  • Offers the largest collection of open-access Aussie health data anywhere

We do all of this with volunteers and donations.  What have YOU done to help ASHGI help the Aussie?

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