How can I find out which lines have experienced epilepsy?

The easiest way to begin researching which lines have experienced epilepsy is to network with other breeders and ask questions (breeders who are supporters of ASHGI’s 10-Steps Program are a good place to start!) You can also research pedigrees via ASHGI’s IDASH Open Health Database. Because some people are better informed than others and some are more willing to admit when there are problems it is important to get input from as many people as possible in the bloodlines that you are researching.
You may also be contacted by other breeders who are researching your bloodlines. For the sake of this breed we all love, please be honest and candid with them about any affected or carrier relatives you know about, and ask them to keep you apprised if they find any you aren’t aware of. By networking with each other and sharing our information, we can all take steps to avoid making more “unlucky” crosses.

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