Past Donors

ASHGI could not accomplish anything without the support of our generous donors, many of whom send us their support year after year.  Those who have given money, goods, or services in the past year (list updated quarterly) include:


Monetary Gifts

Benefactors ($1000 plus)
ASCA Foundation
ASC New England
Delta ASF
Florida ASA
In memory of George Pryor Johnson PhD
Peninsula ASA
In honor of Bob & Terri Reel
In memory of Tapestry’s Penny AFTDs RTDs HRDIIIs  RLFIIIs
In Memory of Tahoe
Supporters ($500 – $999)
IMaryann Braid
Buckeye ASC
n memory of ATCH-II Chopper
In memory of Foster
Garden State ASA
In memory of “Garfield” Stone Ridge Fat Cat at Redrock  BN CD GV-N RNX RAZ
In memory of Nash
In memory of Ch. Rocking A Tuchstone Fuzzy Dice STDdsc
In memory of Twist and all our Aussies lost to cancer
West Coast ASA
Contributors ($100 – $499)
Amazon Smile
ASC Netherlands
Victoria Bankston
In honor of Kevin Blackwell
Blue Ridge ASC
In memory of OTCH RTCH-2 Briarbrook’s Zip-A-Dee-Do-Da UD RTX JS-O GS-O RV-O “Zip”
In memory of  “Cirrus” CoolmoorPoinsett On Cloud Nine STDs GS-N JS-O RV-O REX REM DNA-VP
Cathy Franklin
Linda Hahn
In memory of Lazy L’s Molly Bear
John McLenaghan
In memory of Mho and Striker
In memory of Molly and Brigh, my two precious girls
In honor of Nancy Resetar
In memory of RHF’s Wind Beneath My Wings “Raven”
Judi and Hank Schacti
Jerry Shoopman
In memory of  VCH, WTCH, A-CH Sierra-Echo Hazardous Fortune TD AFTDs CD “Kodi”
St. Louis Herding Dog Assoc.
Clare Thomas
In honor of Lauren Vucinich
In memory of Winslow’s Shaman Chant
Working ASC of Upper New York
Donors (under $100)
In honor of Kelli Carter
In memory of Coffee In Bed with Tara, “Reid”
In honor of Ann DeChant
In memory of Diamond Hill the Twilight Zone, Queen of Outter Space, “ZsaZsa”
In memory of Rosie Douglas
In memory of Ella-Lin
Mark Farr
Kathleen & Kevin Glaes
Humble Bundle
David Kennedy
In memory of Konan
In honor of Kosa
In memory of Landslide’s Float Your Boat
Nicole Linemann
In memory of Lolly
Teri Long
Arlene Neukirchner
Victoria O’Malley
PayPal Giving
In honor of Rascal Seol and Roxy Elwell
Victoria Telles
In memory of Will