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program_faq  Click for FAQs about eye diseases and defects in Aussies.

 program_askexpert   Click to e-mail one of our volunteer experts with eye disease and defect questions.

 Or use the search box in the upper right or the menu to the left to find information you want on deafness in Australian Shepherds.


Blue eyes in Aussies:  Having blue-eyes does not mean a dog is blind.  Blue eyes or partially blue eyes can occur in any color dog.

Eye defects caused by the merle gene are due to having two copies of the merle gene.

Cataracts and distichiasis are the most common eye diseases in Aussies.  Less frequently seen are progressive rod cone degeneration (a form of progressive retinal atrophy), collie eye anomaly, iris coloboma, and persistent pupilary membrane.  Canine multifocal retinopathy, cone degeneration, corneal dystrophy, eyelid defects, hyaloid artery remnants, micropapilla, PHPV/PTVL, and uveodermatologic syndrome are occasionally seen in the breed.  For more info or to view the articles below click on the menu at left.

 Can You See provides an overview of inherited eye disease in Aussies.

 The Cataract Conundrum focuses on the relationship between cataracts and the HSF4 gene mutation in Aussies.

 Collie Eye Anomaly and Collie Eye Anomaly in Australian Shepherds, respectively, offer brief and detailed looks at this disease in the breed.

 You, Your Dogs, and Eye provides a detailed look at eye exams.