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International Directory for Australian Shepherd Health (IDASH)



ASHGI established IDASH to provide breeders and owners with specific pedigree-based health information and to enable breeders to make more informed breeding decisions as regards health and unwanted inherited traits in the Australian Shepherd. It offers two basic services:

IDASH Open Health Database – This searchable database provides public domain and owner-submitted health and trait data. Owner-submitted items are supported with documentation. If you are interested in reading more about the data qualification process click “Rules & Criteria” in the menu at left.

IDASH Pedigree Analysis Service – This program, originally developed by C.A. Sharp for Collie Eye Anomaly only, has grown over the years to include a variety of health issues and inherited faults. It became an ASHGI program in 2008. For a $20 fee we will provide dog owners with a certificate advising them of potential genetic risk for each of the traits tracked.

IDASH Pedigree Service – This service was originally developed by Patrick MacRoberts on his website and later housed on the Aussie Board website. ASHGI adopted the service in 2018. Our pedigree database combines MacRoberts’ data with data from multiple other sources. It allows users to search for dogs, view six different reports for each dogs, follow pedigree trees by direct links between reports, download pdf pedigrees, and enter new data. The service is available by subscription for $20yr. To subscribe login to your IDASH account and go to your “Account Profile” page.

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Pedigree Service FAQs


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