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Should Aussie bitches be C-sectioned?

The Aussie is a breed with normal canine body morphology, without gross exaggeration of the skeletal structure or size of the body.  Every Aussie bitch should be able to whelp without assistance.   However, if medically required, a C-section should be performed for the sake of the bitch and her puppies.  Whenever this happens the breeder should closely examine the reasons the C-section was necessary and discuss those with her vet.  If the need for surgery arose from a reproductive defect in the bitch, she should not be bred again.  A bitch who cannot naturally carry and deliver a litter should not be bred further.  C-sections should never be used as a matter of convenience to the breeder.  The 2009-10 ASHGI health survey revealed a disturbingly high frequency of C-section in breeding bitches: Almost 17% were said to have required the procedure, though almost all respondents opted not to explain why.  Some were C-sectioned multiple times.