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Request Pedigree Analysis

The IDASH Pedigree Analysis service is intended to provide breeders with information on the potential of their breeding dogs to produce offspring with various inherited diseases, defects, and disqualifying faults. For each trait we provide a risk score, the average risk for that particular trait based on accumulated data from hundreds of prior pedigree analyses, and a variance that indicates whether the dog is at, above, or below the average risk for a particular trait. We will also provide a Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI).

You must be the owner of he dog or breeder of a litter to request analysis.  We will do planned litters only if you are the owner of both parents.  Proof of ownership is required.

These scores are NOT predictors of whether or not any given dog might have any of these traits, rather they are an indication of what genes your dog might carry.

This service is for purebred Australian Shepherds only.  We have neither the pedigree database nor the data to do this for any other breed including Miniature American/Australian Shepherds or Toy Australian Shepherds.

If you would like more in-depth information on the pedigree analysis process see: 

IDASH Pedigree Analysis
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Fee:  $20 per dog, 5 dogs maximum for a single request.

If you wish to submit more than five dogs at once contact us first.

Large group rates are as follows:
6-10 10% discount
10+  20% discount

Conditions: All submissions must owned or co-owned by a a single individual.  All must be submitted and paid for at the same time.  All required documentation and payment must be submitted within 10 days of application or full price applies.