DNA Clinics at the ASCA Nationals




2017 ASCA Nationals
ASHGI Clinic


BLOOD DRAW:  Tuesday Oct. 31 from  8am – Noon  in the room behind the snack bar, across the breezeway on the south side of the conformation building adjacent to the cattle arena (same place it was las time in Bryan).   Details below.

CHEEK SWAB TESTS:  Paw Print Genetics, details below.

Support the CHIC DNA Bank!
The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals maintains a DNA bank for canine heath research through it’s Canine Health Information Center.    Lack of samples too frequently prevents important research from moving forward.  You can help by providing samples and information on your dogs to the  DNA Repository.  Samples will be collected at the blood draw.
$5 per dog (regularly $20) underwritten by OFA and ASHGI.

ASCA DNA Blood Sample Clinic
The ASCA DNA Committee will be hosting the blood draw this year.  They will be collecting for the club’s DNA Program and have invited ASHGI to join them for our annual research sample draw.     Questions on ASCA DNA

Research samples needed
ASHGI will be at the blood draw to collect samples for the projects below.  Pedigrees must be submitted with each sample.  This year he researchers want only samples from affected dogs and from healthy dogs over 8 years of age.

Epilepsy (University of  Minnesota)
Samples needed from:

  • Dogs diagnosed with epilepsy.  Seizure survey form and submission form,  required.
  • Healthy dogs over 8 years of age, submission form required.    

Submission Form           Seizure Survey Form

Border Collie Collapse (University of Minnesota)
NOTE:  This disease, previously called Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC), also affects Aussies.  Samples are needed from:

  • Affected dogs, which are or were active in strenuous competitive or work activities, preferably stockdogs. 

                    Download forms   Scroll down for forms menu on right.

Questions about ASHGI clinic offerings:  Contact clinic chair Bill Dakin


DNA Health Screening Swab Tests
Paw Print Genetics Final Testing will  once again be available through Paw Print Genetics.  Please visit their booth at the ASCA Nationals, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  They will have cheek swab kits, can place orders, or swab your dogs.  If you have any questions, you can contact them by phone (509) 483-5950 or e-mail .

ASCA members receive:
– 25% off your entire order
– 35% off 4 – 6 tests on a single dog
– 40% off 7 or 8 tests on a single dog
– 45% off 9 or more tests on a single dog

All tests that they offer for Australian shepherds are shown HERE.