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contactus_picASHGI welcomes any inquiries about Australian Shepherd genetics and health-related issues; However, please note that we are not vets and cannot give specific treatment advice. If an animal has become ill, please consult your veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment options.

Please keep in mind that ASHGI is an all-volunteer organization.  We will respond to inquiries as soon as we are able but we are not necessarily immediately available.

Mailing address:  1338 Trouville Avenue, Grover Beach, California  93433
Message Line:  805-473-0093

Board of Directors
President:  C. A. Sharp
Treasurer:  Laura Cullens
Secretary:  Kristi Klein

Business Operations & Communications
Business Manager  C. A. Sharp
Facebook manager:  Kalla Jaco
Promotion:  Kristie Klein
ASHGI Lifeline editor:  Heidi Mobley
Volunteer Coordinator:  Janis McCarthy
Donor Outreach:  Nan Dakin


Ask the Expert
Laura Cullins  program manager, veterinary topics
Lisa McDonald  color genetics
C.A. Sharp  Genetics and Breeding

Education events & materials:
C.A. Sharp

C. A. Sharp

Nan Dakin

Research & Surveys
  C. A. Sharp

Veterinary Advisor
Matthew Mason DVM