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Hip and elbow dysplasia are the most common orthopedic problems in Aussies.  Ruptured cruciate ligaments, which may be acquired or genetically predisposed, and defects related to natural bob tails, both minor and major, are common.  Less frequently seen issues include forms of dwarfism, osteochondritis desicans (OCD) of the shoulder luxated (slipped) patellas, panoseteitis, transitional vertebrae, and spondylitis (usually acquired rather than inherited).  For more info on any of these or to view the article below click on the menu at left.               

“Skeletal Lethal” describes a terrible complex of skeletal defects once researched in Australian Shepherds and why it is not a breeding concern today.

 A Tale of Tales looks at Aussie tail conformation for breeders in countries with docking bans.