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ASHGI strongly recommends that, as a minimum, breeders follow our testing and screening protocol.  We also recommend that any male offered at public stud have all available screening and testing offered for Aussies.
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 Brave New World describes various types of DNA tests and how they can be used in your breeding program.

 Muddy Waters clarifys the confusion surrounding DNA health tests.

 Of Babies, Bathwater, and DNA Tests points out the risks of overzealous culling based on DNA test results and offers a constructive approach.

 The Skeleton in the Closet discusses some breeders failure to do certain screening tests and how it may give the impression that a disease is rare when it is not.

 Testing Ground gives a plan and timeline to assist clubs or groups of breeders to put on a health clinic.

 Why Bother? Explains why it can be dangerous to neglect standard breed health screening just because you aren’t aware of a disease having occurred in your dog’s family.

A special note regarding PHA testing in the US and Canada:
Most if not all commercial veterinary labs will not do a PHA test.  However, the test could be performed by any board-certified veterinary clinical pathologist.  ASHGI recommends that you or your small animal vet contact the nearest veterinary teaching hospital to ask about PHA testing.