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Ten Steps to a Healthier Australian Shepherd Breed 

10-Steps program is for breeders, owners, clubs, supporters, and lovers of the Australian Shepherd around the world whose goal is to improve the health of our dogs and who support open health registries like ASHGI’s IDASH Open Health Database

10-Steps’ goals are to: 

Improve the Aussie’s genetic health
– Encourage accuracy and openness in sharing of health information
– Discourage destructive and counterproductive secrecy and gossip
– Facilitate the free flow of health information to enable informed breeding decisions

We ask 10-Steps supporters to abide by ten simple-to-understand steps to express their dedication to the breeding of healthier Australian Shepherds.  To read the steps, click on “Steps” in the menu at left.

How to get involved! 
ASHGI encourages individuals and clubs t support 10-Steps.  We are happy to work with clubs in other breeds or species who would like to start their own 10-Steps programs and we welcome questions and comments.

Individual Participation
  Choose either of two packages:
          Package 1 ($15) – Ask/Tell logo pin, color 10-Steps placard suitable for framing, and Ask/Tell logo bumper sticker
          Package 2 ($20)All of the above PLUS an e-file of the logo for mounting on your website

 All you need to do is pay for the package you want and send us your name, address, and e-mail.  Kennel name optional.  Your payment indicates your support of the program.  Your name will be listed on  our Participants page (click on menu listing at left) under the US state, Canadian province, or other country in which you reside.  (Payment info at bottom of page.)  

Club Participation
Breed and activity clubs, whether national or regional, are the heart and soul of every breed community.  ASHGI encourages club participation in our 10-Steps program.   

Club Package ($15) – color 10-Steps placard suitable for framing,  e-file of the 10-Steps logo that can be mounted on the club’s website or used in club publications,  “ASHGI Lifeline” (distributed via e-mail) to keep your members informed about ASHGI programs and events, and copies of ASHGI information notices (via e-mail).

 Please provide the club name, name of primary contact name and e-mail, and club address.  Payment indicates the club’s willingness to participate in the 10-Steps program.   Your club’s name will be listed on our Participants page under the US state, Canadian province, or other country in which the club is located.  

Current 10-Steps Participants 

Payment Information
Make a secure credit card payment via PayPal. Click here to support 10-Steps.

To pay by check (we can accept ONLY items with US federal reserve account numbers) mail payment and required contact information to:

ASHGI – 10-Steps
1338 Trouville Ave.
Grover Beach, CA  93433